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A work force, geared towards building a sustainable


Hard WorkIntegrity is how we get things done.

P    WER UP GREEN ENERGY is focused on High Performance, Quality Service & Safety Culture 

Solar Energy

With the solar industry growing along with the efforts to convert from burning emissions to stored electricity.  Power Up Green Energy is moving towards a more Renewable future. The increased interest and production of EVs from all automakers is a testimony. As the demand for green energy increases, the supply of qualified tradesmen in the Renewable Industry field grows.  Here at Power Up Green Energy our teams are unmatched in solar installation when it comes to man-hours per manpower. Along with instilling a Safety culture, we are cultivating Work Ethic, Quality & getting the job done right.                          

Solar Farm
Solar Installer

Training for the future

Our future demands qualified people to help build it. Our mission is to form a capable workforce of tradesmen that can help build our tomorrow.

Mechanical Installation


In the course of 13 months, PGE has installed over 330,000 PV modules.  With 0 recorded accidents. We are striving for self-awareness, minimizing accidents, and maximizing accountability.

We were able to raise the standard of quality for the last 5 projects Soltec commissioned. We are excited to continue to grow in this trade, with qualified personnel, and a team that actually cares.

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Efficiency

Our Focus is

Solar inverters being set

Inverter Prep & Setting

In 24 months we have personally installed and managed 58 Inverter Pads in over 4 projects. 


When it comes to your project we are your partners in completing the work at hand. We will work closely with our customers to assure the project is completed with efficiency and to your satisfaction.

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